Stud Males

The Right Stud for your Females

Supreme Champion and Champion Stud Males

Choosing the right male !

This is the most important decision - to improve the quality of your herd !  Choosing the right male for your female, being honest about the quality of your female's and what traits your are looking to improve . Using the correct male can give your herd a dramatic improvement with the resulting cria.  Its a long wait from mating to the resulting cria so choose well. We are happy to look at your females and discuss what male we feel would be best for them.

Award winning genetics

Our stud males have been looked at by various judges and have been awarded Championships under each. I have sought out our males for the traits that they can offer not only our females but off farm females.

We have cria on farm from Houghton Daybreaker, Essex Stirling , Kingwell Bolshoi and Inca Grand Slam and are happy to show you just what our males can do.