Stud Fees

Drive by mating's ( DB )

You bring your female to the farm for mating and she leaves after the mating. Your female is bought to an area the other side of our farm and will not come into contact with our alpacas for bio security. We ask that females visiting the farm wear spit hoods and our males will also wear them. Visitors are asked to use the foot dip at the entrance and the area of the mating will be disinfected


Mobile mating ( MM )

We bring the males to your farm for a mating. We ask that our males do not come into contact with any other alpaca other than the ones being mated. That an area in a contained area is prepared for them, We will bring our own foot dip for our use and out males. Males and females will wear spit hoods for the mating. Mileage is charges at 50p per mile return.


On Farm ( OF)

We currently do not offer this facility due to our farm still being set up.

We do offer discounts for more than one mating booked as follows : (DB)

2 studs 10% discount = £450 per mating

3-5 studs used 15% discount £425 per mating

6 + studs used 20% discount £ 400 per mating

Same percentage discounts on Mobile mating's .Prices include VAT