We are able to offer a shearing service for alpacas and the off sheep ! .

The shearing team consists of Gary and Jo ( shearers ) and Ami and Arnaud handlers.

We pride on ourselves on how we handle your alpacas. At all times they are treated with care and respect while we are efficent at getting the job done

Its all about the fleece too !

How the fiber comes off your alpaca is very important. It takes a year to grow so we take care into getting it off the alpaca in the right way to increase your yield so you can make the most of all of the fleece 1st 2nds and 3rds.

As a BAS judge Jo is always happy to discuss the quality of your fleece. 

FAQ : Do we need to shear our alpaca every year ? - yes

Can you treat teeth at shearing ?. - yes although alpaca teeth often do not need treatment and we are happy to treat where needed and can and offer advice .

When do we shear alpacas? - From May to August at the latest to allow them to grow fiber for winter

How much does shearing cost ?

£20 per alpaca £25 set up /mileage fee

Minimum fee £125 for farms with under 5 alpacas.

Any questions please call us