What do we offer


We are now open  for Alpaca walks and experiences . Thank you to everyone who deferred current bookings due to the Coronavirus, it really helped support our farm and staff. We are now ready to start to slowly open the farm again. Your safety and health together with the health of our staff and alpacas is of the upmost importance
 We will not be able to offer refreshments as before for the time being ,so we would kindly ask you to bring some with you. 

All equipment will be disinfected before and after your arrival and we ask you to  bring gloves and the use of masks if you would like to use them. Good news is the obstacle course is still running ! 

On a positive note , the alpacas will be so pleased to see you as they have missed the people and the walks, the sun is shining and its summer and we will be so pleased to meet you and show you the alpacas.

Its baby season with one arrival already and lots to come so you never know you may get to see one born ! 

Any Questions please ask 


We would like to welcome you to our working alpaca farm . When you walk through the gates you will be met with a smile and a warm welcome. Alpacas are our passion and we look forward to sharing with you these enchanting and therapeutic animals an experience that will leave you with that feel good factor !. You will be introduced to the alpacas and shown how to walk them and then you will get to choose the alpaca you would like to accompany on the walk . We walk off farm, through  stunning countryside with wildlife to see, over a small stream, through a wood and over a small bridge. Your alpaca guides will fill you with interesting alpaca facts, often as a small quiz as we walk along. The alpacas all have their own unique personalities which you will find out about during the walk.. When we return to the farm the experiences continues, you will get to go inside the paddock with the mums and babies to hand feed them and get up close to them . Between May and September you may be lucky enough to see an alpaca baby born. There will be an option to purchase some feed if you would like to hand feed them, be prepared to be surrounded by alpacas !! . There, are lots of photo opportunities around the farm and on the walk.  

Then it the fun part ! 

You will get to take part in the Hilly Ridge Obstacle course ! We are one of the only Alpaca experiences that offer this as part of the experience and our alpacas love it and have become quite competitive  ! . 

Fun for both adults, children ,alpacas and staff ! 

There is a Rosette for the winner and a chance to get on our leader board. 


At Hilly Ridge we like to give something back to society so for 2021 with the hardship with Coronavirus and how this has effected people and Charites we have started " WISH " 

For every pot of alpaca feed that is purchased we will give you a wish ! . let us know what charity you would like to support and we will donate 50% of the money collected at the end of the week to a charity picked out of the WISHES. Feed pots are £1 so remember to bring some small change with you or soon there will be an option to add that to the booking so your reserved pot of feed will be ready for you to collect.

We offer tickets for single walkers, couples, family groups to corporate events we try to cater for everyone. 

Please give us a call if you would like to know more or have any questions 0770 3005447

Many thanks 



One alpaca and one walker. You are introduced to your alpaca and shown how to walk them, then it off for a lovely relaxing walk as alpaca speed ( a toddle) round the lovely countryside. We will leave the farm and walk along a farm track till we get to a little stream which the alpacas jump across , then along the track until we get to the enchanted woods with a jump up to the bridge and back along to the farm. If you are lucky you may see the occasional deer or hare along the way.

Then its back to the farm for some refreshments and an alpaca chat before we head off to meet the other alpacas and the babies and see if they would like to be hand fed ( of course they never say no ! ) . Then its the chance to tackle the HILLY RIDGE MINI OBSTACLE course ! test you handling skills against the clock and against your friends to find the winner of the day ! Rosettes for the winner and all that compete to take home with you.

Photos opportunities along the way.   £30 per person incl VAT

Accompany Walker

This walk is suited to parents with children under 10 who will walk with their child as a tandem walk with two lead reins.

Or for someone that has never walked an alpaca before and is a little nervous and wants to accompany someone. Maybe you are just going to be a designated photographer for the group the this walk is for you.

You will do all the other parts of the walk including the obstacle course ( so there is still a chance for a rosette ! )

£10 per person Incl VAT


Maybe you would just like to share an alpaca and take turns to walk it along the walk. This is ideal for friends and couples. Or can be booked as an adult and a child under 10. 

Again you get your own alpaca for the course. !

£40 incl VAT

SOME FAQ. Q.  I have a child can they walk their own alpaca ?

A. It depends on the child. Children under 12 must have an accompanying adult with them to walk alongside the alpaca. So it would be one place at £25 and then one walker at £10. Children 12 and over can generally walk their own alpaca.

Q. I have a five year old child can they come on a walk.

A . Please call us as we can cater for young children on a separate experience and tailor the walk to your needs

Q. Can you accommodate wheel chairs

A. At the moment due to the off farm terrain it would be difficult to cater for Wheelchairs however we don't want anyone to miss out so please contact us to see how we can make it possible

Q. I cannot see the answer to my question can I call you

A . Yes of course, you can call me anytime : 0770 3005447 or 01449 257854.