The weather has turned and course !

12/11/2013 18:29

Well it seems with the darker nights the winter weather is finally here. We loose the use of some of our fields when it has rained for a few days so the alpacas have been bought up to the top paddocks. This means more hay ! .They munch their way through quite a bit in the winter which keep our local hay supplier very happy.

The darker mornings and darker evenings means everything is a little harder and I cant wait for those clocks to go forward again meaning spring is coming.

Poor Scott learnt a valuable lesson while collecting the alpaca poop the other day in the field with our poop hoover. In the wet weather the poop becomes a bit sticky and can clogg the machine a bit. The way round it is to suck a little water up in it to unclogg the poop. The bad bit is it makes the poop a lillte sloppy for a while Yuk ! It was Scotts turn to suck up the poop while I sat on the tractor admiring alpacas and thinking general alpaca thought ! when I hear what was like a loud ' popping sound !' I turned round to find that Scott had opened the back of the machine with the enging still running which caused a bit of a back splash ! oooooppppppphs Scott had an alpaca poop explosion ! yuk !


I did nothing but laugh and take pictures of all this poop all over him especially his face ! ( will upload them later ! ! ) .

The hazards of poop collecting !

It weaning time for sone of the baibes in the next few weeks so we are preparing them early and will start to seperate them for short periods and ready for the finally sepration in a few eeeks time. Will update on how this is going.