Still no baby !

07/04/2014 19:39

Sarita is really keeping us waiting and she is now 7 days overdue. Alpacas can go over quite a bit and with the weather changing and it becoming a little wet then she may decide to hang on just a bit longer !

However one of our other girls VERBENNA is acting a bit strangely. Verbenna is due at the end of April but her baby was doing somersaults this morning and I felt a bit sorry for her with her baby banging and crashing around in there.  For those of you that have met Verbenna she is a large girl and for the  last few days she has been lying down a lot and taking herself away from the herd more often, a sign that she is preparing for something !!!!!!.

The way the girls are acting it woulnt suprise me if Verbenna's little one makes an apperance before Sarita's. Another girl getting close and looking rather large in the waistline is Connie she is due a few days after Verbenna so hopefully soon there will be the patter of tiny feet at Hilly Ridge !.


We have just purchased two new alpacas today. Both black pregnant females , both mated to lovely black sire. Chamomile is due to have her cria on the 8th April and Moonlight is due in August. As Chamomile is so close to having her cria we are leaving her in the capable hands of her current owner Liz Gilblin from Butlers Farm Alpacas to have her baby and will collect them both in a few weeks. We are delighted to add some new genetic to our herd and add some beautiful black alpacas who will mate to our stud male indie when they are ready.

We will keep you informed of the new arrivals when they appear.