so much has happened this summer !

02/09/2015 19:32

As you would have seen this blog is a bit out of date. We have been really busy here at the farm but this time a little bit busier than expected. On the 6th July ( my nans birthday ) Dissy arrived and sadly although all looked well at fist she deteriorated quite quickly and needed to have a plasma transfusiion to save her life. Dissy rallied round but again took another dip and this time septiciamia caused irriversable damage to her eyes and now poor Dissy is blind.

Dissy is being bottle fed by us so requires our full time attention to get here through this. so at the moment we have suspended the Alpaca walks to allow us to care for her as she needs.

We hope to continue again soon but i think we may now have missed the Summer !. Dissy is now doing well and I will put an update on here soon with wha happened and how she is improving but right now im off to put her to bed and give her bottle X