snow and water

14/01/2013 22:03

More updates on the computer which I thought would take half and hour and three hours later i am still here amending and changing bits and bobs.

Over the past few months of rain we have been flooded in most of our fields having to move the alpacas to slightly higher ground. At one point I was quite worried it would reach the back of one of our new shelters ! Thankfully it stopped about six feet short.

Due to the two new lakes on the fields we now have two swans ! Scott and I have now added them to the list at feeding times and take them some bread down as a treat. Hopefully the water will decrease and with the snow today its looks quite lovely as a frozen lake with a light snow covering !.

The alpacas dont seem to mind the snow but when I checked on them about a hour ago they were all tucked up in the shelters munching hay.

On that note time for a cuppa and bed as I have an early start in the morning !