11/10/2013 21:10

A great start to the day when nice and early I dropped the trailer ramp here at the farm to deliver two new boys to thier new home. ! Can I just say this was an outstanding loading episode ! Scott was at work so I left plenty of time for alpaca shananagins for loading issues. i backed the trailer dropped the ramp, opened the gate and marley and daley walked out of the paddock, past me up the trailer ramp and walked calmly to the back of the trailer turned around looked at me as if to say " Are you going to shut the gate ?" . I was amazed ! Good Boys ! obviously many hours sepnt by Debbie thier mum practicing trailer loading ( or fluke ?? ) NO !

Off we went to Kims and they met their new friends ! A few sniffs, orgaling noises little kicks and off they wandered best of friends ! A lovely herd all shades of brown to fawn !.

Then it rainned ! Back to the farm and moving the girls feield so they have more access to shelters. Easy ! one person, 30 girls and babies, seperate the mums with cria from the pregnant females and youngsotck into two new fields and oh yes move the boys ! I forgot its windy and they al played me up !. Avatar was left in the boys field and ran around like he had been abandoned! finnaly got him to the gate of the new field opened it and out ran Indie and Talisman which made Cuthbert freky that Talisman was going somewhere he wasnt ! . Finally boys in field together !

The Girls came out in small numbers and into the fields, then it was a case of making sure all babies were with mums and settled. Beatrice , Balious, Cheesecake and clara you are all on the naughty list you had me running around for ages !