picking out the right animals !

01/03/2014 18:52

It started off a bit cold and doubtful this morning , Would the rain hold off ??.

It did and in the afternoon the big golden thing in the sky even came out for a while !. This morning we had visitors to the farm. Lisa,Nick and Lisa father Bernard came over to finalise which alpacas they will be taking home next weekend and to get first hand experience and feet triming and learn all things alpaca !

I must say I was very impressed with Nick on his newly found feet and alpaca handling skills ! he took to it like a duck to water and within a few minutes was trimming away confidently !.

Lisa has worked so hard to make their dream become a reality and hats off to her for her determination and perseverence x.

With a few of the alpacas run up and looked at and a few spit offs later we think we may have the right herd, dependant on a couple of spit off's over the next couple of days

As with all clients who come to us we want to make sure that the right animals go home with you and the ones which are right for what you want to achieve in the future. In the end it does boil down sometimes to going with your heart, a bit of your head and a good gut feeling that these one are the ones that you are goiing to be most happy grazing in your field.

As soon as the final decisions are made, I will post an update and some photos and of course one of the alpacas in their new homes.

Jo x