14/04/2014 18:00

Ok Sarita is still not really showing many signs of letting us see the new baby . Verbenna however is finding pregnancy a little harder. For those of you who know Verbenna she is a bit of a big girl and her ever expanding tummy is getting a bit too much for her. !

Verbenna is due the same time as Connie tomorrow (15/4) and she has spent most of the last few days laying down munching grass near by ! Connie however and her expanding waistline is still quite nimble and is still off with the herd.

I was hoping at least one of the girls would decide to test Scotts maternity skills but nope ! They only have to Sunday and then im back 'on call' as Scott will be back at work after the school holidays.

We are looking forward to taking some of our alpacas to the Spring Alpaca Fiesta alpaca show  in Warwickshire on the weekend of the 26th and 27th April. My daughter Emily and her partner Jack are alpaca and dog sitting for us while we get a weekend away ! That doesnt happen too often so im really looking forward to it !.


There is a thought ! ' Could the girsl test Emily and Jack maternity skills ! ' I better keep my phone on as I will suddenly get a call "MMUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMM  Help !.