09/06/2014 13:01

All day I have been backwards and forwards to the girls paddocks only to be met with stares from the alpacas as if to say " you back again " Then its heads back down to the grass munching away. They are spending most of the day munching, walking between paddocks and laying in the sun AGAIN !!!!. 

Ginger who is not due until later in July was laying as if she was going to pop very soon and giving a look as if to say how hard pregnancy is !!!. 

I have included a picture of Beatrice who Ii forgot to add yesteday. We had some visitors to the farm today which was lovely and Beatrice was extra specially loving !!!. Hmmmmmm suspicious she does this when she is due to give birth and wants that little bit of reassurance !!! . Beatirce is the fawn Suri and Ginger is the light fawn