not written on the blog for a while !

09/10/2013 21:41

I was never very good at keeping a diary as a child so I didnt think a blog would be any different. As you can see from the front page i drove to a clients farm in Kent today to collect some of her alpacas. They are coming to stay a Hilly Ridge to be offered on her behalf for sale. I try really hard not to even think about buying any for ourself as I promised Scott that any money would be spent inside decorating the house and would not be munching grass !

Oh My its difficult ! They settled in nicely and had a look at thier new home. A few hours later an alrm call went up from Pippa ! yes she spotted the tabby cat in the field !!!! no is not a tiger its Pixie the house cat who frankly im amazed was off the bed for any length of time !

Pictures to go on the wbsite tomorrow. ! .