New Blog Lots to tell !

27/02/2014 18:18

Sorry , Its a while since my last blog ! where does the time go ? . Thank you to our good friend and 'Alpacaholic' Kim for pointing out that this blog really does need to be updated !!. Kim is my website monitor and keeps me updated when I make an error and listed 'a pregnant stud male for sale '! .

Its been a busy few months ! Scott has been away on a course for seven weeks ( not alpaca related ! ) and the running of the farm has been down to my fair hands so I will be so glad when he comes home this friday and can start on that nice long list of jobs that I have made for him ( Alpaca related ! ) 

We have been really flooded here on the farm over the past few weeks and at one point I thought the paccas may have to move to a friends drier farm. Thankfully the water is receeding and the last of the ducks and swans that have moved in are thinking about returning to the nearby river. !

The grass has began to grow again and the sun has shown itself which is a welcome sight !! Less Mud and grubby white alpacas

With that apperance pof the sun came halter training, with the assistance of our friend Leanne !. Im sure she picked the easy ones little Bures had the halter on and around he walked like he has always been trained,  while I had little Monty who decided if he stared at the ground long enough it would open up and swallow him and the nasty lady would go away !

They all did very well and we are ready to start on the second batch !.If anyone would like to come to the farm to give a hand at halter training the babies then give me a call as help is always appreciated. No experience necessary as full training will be given ( just bring a sense of humour )