new arrivals oophs !

24/03/2013 18:32

Wow what a busy week ! After stating that as we have 13 Cria due next year there would not be any further purchases this year !!!!!!

Yep you guessed I bought some more !

We are so pleased to welcome to the farm Burton Constable Crystal Gazer and Burton Constable The Chancer. Crystal is an eight month old girl with the most soft and fine fleece i have ever seen! Then came The Chancer ! I opened up his fleece and i couldnt believe what I saw ! WOW ! his pet name is Cuthbert - he is a liitle small for his age but we have called him the chancer as we took a chance and really think he could grow into something really special !

both are by Fowberry Top Account so have fantastic genetics. We will be looking showing both these at the BAS National Show in May and will keep our fingerts crossed.

Well that was it 100% no more Alpacas till we sell some of our exsiting ones !!

AH !

Then came

Clara Of Purston a Solid Mid fawn female Preganant to Just KILIMANJARO ( Reserve Champion Alpaca Fiesta ) Solid Dark Brown.

Just Nick Skelton A light fawn boy (28/7/12) both parents are rose grey

Just Usain Bolt Solid Black (30/07/2012) A just Kilimanjaro baby with a jet black fleece.

Thats it no more !!!!