new arrivals and Alpaca showtime !

30/03/2014 18:59

Its been busy here at Hilly Ridge ( as always ) with more fence building gates to be hung and the green stuff is back !

We have seen the flooding disappear with the good weather and the alpacas are enjoying being on new fresh paddocks which have given us a chance to rest the winter paddocks ready for the new babies whn they start to arrive.

We have also had new additions to the herd !. A black female Hucaya Skye who is pregnant to a lovely grey male and her baby is expected in September !.

Hope a very pretty fawn female with a beautiful fleece who has been mated to our black Hucaya stud male Indie and last but not least Kitty who was agisted here to be sold by her owner. Well I kind of fell in love with Kitty and her 'Verruca Salt antics ' when she has been doing her halter training. If Kitty doesnt want to do it she can pull out almost every trick in the book and some to avoid it ! Kitty is a work in progress. Her owner kindly agreed to allow us to puirchase Kitty and we welcome her to our herd X


I popped over to see the Alpaca Showtime show in Cambridge yesterday with our good friend Kim and had a lovely time especially when we met up with other alpacaholics who have some of our alpacas  and now would like to see what all this showing merlarky is about. Ade and Ivan, Lisa, Nick and Bernard and Sara and her daughter. We had lots of ooohing and ahhhing and alpaca chat and a lovely day out. We were not showing at Showtime this year as I have spent rather a lot of money on my judge Trainning course this year and stud fees for some lovely animals to further improve our herd genetics so I thought I had better cut down a little and only attend a few shows this year !


With that said !!


Show entries are in for the Heart of England and the South Of England show. Alpacas are being prepared now with halter training lessons and if anyone would like to give us a hand then please give me a call. Help is alway welcome no previous experience is neccessary full training will be given.


Our first baby of the year is expected on 1st April by our white female huacaya SARITA. We have been watching her closely but no signs yet. Its a bit difficult to see as Sarita is in full fleece so every feeding times you see a strange figure in the field on her hands and knees trying to crawl underneath her to see how her udders are shaping up ! Not easy and looks mighty strange for passers by !


will update as soon as we have a baby on the ground safely !.