New arrivals !

20/03/2014 19:44

Now when I agreed NO  MORE ALPACAS with Scott it wasnt an indefinate 'NO MORE' I like to think of it more of a temporary suspension !

I think I was very good and now its back to being an alpacaholic !.

Welcome Skye and Hope to the farm ! Skye is a Black Huacaya with a few Championships under her fleece and Hope is a lovely fawn female who has Grey genetics in her background and a few grey fibres in her fleece !

Skye has already been mated to a grey sire and is due in September this year and I have mated Hope this year to our Black Huacaya Indie for 2015.

I will post some pictures soon.

Other arrivals are : A few duck eggs ! A few ! 15 to be presice from what we can see ! Our resident wild ducks are back again this year and one mother duck has decided that laying her eggs in the horse field shelter would be a good idea. ! If only she had picked the alpaca shelter in the next field she would have had added protection from Mr FOX ! . My daughter Emily and I were clearing out the shelter when we found her so we have put up some hurdles to give her and her eggs some protection from the horses to stop them trampling on her nest !. Not much protection from Mr Fox !

We will be on duck egg guard for the next few days !

On the Alpaca front we are getting very close to Sarita giving birth to the first cria of the year !. Sarita is a white huacaya and was mated to our white stud male Monte Blanc last year !. We are hoping the nice weather stays around for a bit longer for the impending birth !   for her to give birth !.