new arrival !

30/04/2014 22:33

YESSSSSSS ! We have a new baby !

Connie gave birth this morning and the little fellow has arrived and was up and suckling when we came down to feed at 05.00am. Well that was a suprise and I did a double take !

We are yet to agree on a name but we are on the letter C this year ! .


Sad news though - poor Verbenna gave birth to a female cria last weekend at nght and the poor little girl was still born and a little early. A sad day for Hilly Ridge.

Vernenna had a really tough time and the vet was called a few times over the bank holiday weekend as we fought to save her. It was touch and go at times but im pleased to say that she has now recovered and although looking a bit sorry for herslef she is thankfully on the mend.