how much poop !

23/10/2014 20:59

Wow we collected a lot of poop today ! With the sun shining our friend john popped over to give a hand and off we went. The good old poop hoover doesnt really like the wet and the poop just clogged the machine so when the sun is shinning and the poop is dry then its a goo day to collect.

Quite a few bags later we have done all but the boys field.

Bagged up and for sale at the front it was time for a cup of tea phew !!!.

The alpacas were loving the sunshine today and I saw a few of the laying sun bathing. Even the chickens were lying flat out at one point ( half thier luck ) .

We have a few new arrivals coming to the farm on the 4th November !!!!!!

Watch this space for an update !!! I think the Hilly Ridge fields are going to be a little fuller soon. so much for keeping the stock low for the winter :) .

Its ok I did disscuss this one with Scott !!!!!!.