halter training roulette

14/10/2014 19:08

The sun decided to shine today and that was perfect as our friend Viv popped over to get a bit of 'hands on' experience with some Alpacas. Viv has just purchased her first Suri herd and is commig over to Hilly Ridge to get some Alpaca practice for her new arrivals ! .

" What would you like to do today Viv " was the first question ! " Some hands on and halter training would be great said Viv " 

OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhh  I have just the job for you then !

After a little bit of herding we bought up the first of the group of boys from the bottom paddock. These were the new boys on the farm and we needed to find out who was halter trained and who needed to be taught.

Viv was great and straight in with handling and learning how to put a halter on. " Which one would you like to try Viv? " I chuckled, as it was like a case of Russian Roulette not knowing which one was trained and which one was likely to have a protest. ! There is a spitter in the bunch but HEY ! did Viv need to know that ?? NOOOOOOOOOOO best not I thought !

Viv chose her alpaca and in she went 'GALLARDO'. VIOV chose well !

On went the halter and off they walked !!!! what a dream to walk hmmmmm lucky choice Viv !!

We picked our way through the boys and got a halter on all of them and they all did well. Some walked and other threw themselves around quite a lot and then WAM !!!!! Valentine SPIT SPIT SPIT ! Bless him he tried the commando crawl on his knees and when that didnt work he gave up and did his best slow walk.

All in all good fun was had !!.


Thanks VIV and see you tomorrow for some more alpaca fun !


This handsome little chap is INCA HAWTHORNE who did really well for his first time and after a few minutes he seemed to understand what we were asking of him. I love this little man such a photogenic handsome boy x