FAECAL Testing Workshop  **** New courses for 2018 and dates to be announced ****


A complete introduction to parasitology with particular reference to the internal gut parasites afflicting alpacas. This course give you the basic skills and also covers the more advanced testing which is avaialbe for you to learn after this course. 

The course covers the following:

  1. The tenced   imprtanf 
  2. Parasites, (internal & external) infesting camelids and the threats imposed.
  3. Testing procedures for different parasite species.
  4. Making accurate flotation solutions.
  5. Correct use of the microscope & other laboratory equipment.
  6. Testing using samples bought with you from your own alpaca farm.
  7. Identification of the major helminth and Eimeria species of alpacas.
  8. Recording results and making sense of those results.
  9. A shopping list of what to purchase if you would like to set up your own 'on farm' laboratory.

What you need to know...

No previous scientific knowledge is necessary. Dozens of alpacas owners from the UK and Europe have attended the introductory course, at the end of which they are successfully able to quickly perform tests on their own farm. Sue is an experienced Biology/Chemistry teacher (and parasitology research scientist at the University of Bristol and Royal Veterinary College) who will help you, step by step, to understand the concepts involved.

Refreshments and a light lunch will be provided. Please email at time of booking if you have any special dietary requirements.

As individual tuition and guidance have proved very successful, places are limited to two people per course.

Courses begin at 10am and conclude at 4pm

Costs are £240 per person, paid in advance of the course.

Courses are usually held on a Tuesday. If you would prefer an alternative day, email sue to arrange sue.thomas@lymealpacas.co.ukNEW COURSE - Fleece skirting workshop

Have you ever entered you fleece into a show and not really understood what skirting is ? . Did you then get your score card back with the comments "skirting needed " or even worse "Points Lost "
Then this workshop is for you. We will show you how to skirt and prepare your fleece for a fleece show. Learn how to impress the judges from the minute they walk over to your fleece to asses it on the table and show it to the best of its abilities. 
Using the fleece score card we will show you how to understand what the judge looks for in a show fleece and how not to lose those essential point which could make the difference between placing and possibly even a championship sash !. 
This course will also provide you with an insight into the positive and negative traits your alpaca has and also it's welfare as there is more shown in a fleece than you may think. 
The course is about four hours long with practical hands on with fleeces and the chance to ask as many questions as you need.. 
Not forgetting alpaca chat with like minded people. 
Cost of £30 per person with a discount to clients of Hilly Ridge who have purchased animals from us of £20 per person. Including hot and cold refreshments and light snacks. 




Watch this space  ! Coming soon to Hilly Ridge. If you would be interested in attending any one of these courses then please let us know so we can see where to start first.

. Please call or email us for booking information. 

We are hoping to hold another course very soon if there is the demand. please contact us if you are interested and we will take your details.

We  hold our own Beginners Day Course, 'An Introduction to Alpacas' covering all aspects of Alpaca Ownership from Field Maintenance to Breeding Decisions, ideal for those thinking about keeping alpacas or new owners. An excellent mix of practical hands-on with the alpacas outside and theory section in the comfort of our own home with a view over the alpacas. We are able to offer Bed and Breakfast accomodation for those travelling from a long distance.

Our last course "An Introduction to Alpacas" was held in October of 2014. We really enjoyed it and so im told did the people attending.Thanks to our good Friend Lianne who did a wonderful talk on Fleece and how to get from 'Alpaca to Socks' talk. We will look at doing another course very soon as soon as we have had enough people to express an interest. If you would be interested in attending our next course please give us a call or email us .We like to keep the groups quite small to only six to eight people so we can give individual attention and focus on exactly what members of the group would like to learn and experience. If however you would like your own private course before then, please do contact us.

Also if you purchase an Alpaca from us before or after the course the course is free !

The course covers :

Alpaca management how to look after alpacas day to day and routine husbandry to keep them healthy. We cover vaccinations, worming, toenail trimming, teeth care, nutrition and feeding, shearing, biosecurity, breeding. Learning takes place at our farm with plenty of hands on practice.
Financial considerations are covered - including keeping a couple as field pets or when starting up an alpaca business.
Handling systems - a look around Hilly ridge Alpacas to see how we run our herd, discussing fencing, catch areas, shelters, field maintenance, farm set-up and equipment etc.
Fleece and conformation - what to look for when buying an alpaca. Alpaca assessments- a practical session with hands-on look and feel of the differences in conformation and fleece.
Viewing of Hilly Ridge Sale alpacas.
The course fee of £40 per person £60 per couple which includes lunch and refreshments. The day starts at 10 am and finishes around 4 pm.  Please call us to check for availability and discuss your requirements.

We're also happy to give courses tailor made to suit your requirments...  If you would like a private course then please contact us to arrange a date.







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