Cria Watch

Welcome to Cria Watch. This experience is only offered during August 2018.

So what is a Cria? A Cria is a baby alpaca and here at hilly ridge alpacas we have seven cria here this year and one still to arrive.

Cria watch is a an oppertunity to come along a sit in the field with the Cria and their mothers and really get up close to them. Watch them interact with each other and you. They love to come up to investgate and there will be an oppertunity to hold one and feel that lovely fleece.

We also have a bottle fed cria and if the feeding time is right then you will get the chance to feed her.

We have situated picnic benches in the field under the shade of the trees so what could be more relaxing than sitting peacefully watching their antics and learning all about them.

Of course there are the other alpacas on the farm and a visit to their field to feed or hose them down would be appreciated too.

This experience is suited to all ages especially the children who sometimes feel more comfortable with the cria than a larger alpaca.

If you would like to book to come along then please either use our new online booking form ( although its still under a bit of construction ) or give me a call to confirm your place.


Many thanks


Jo []