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Rebellion Leaves the farm

01/12/2018 18:59
One of our Stud males Bozedown Rebellion left Hilly Ridge Alpacas today for his new home at Charnwood Alpacas.  Rebellion has been one of our top stud males and has given us some lovely cria over the last two years. However as we always need new genetics it was time for him to go to another...

UP she goes !

18/09/2018 19:31
We have been busy constucting a new poly tunnel for the girls for this winter. When reading the instructions ( that are writting in a language difficult to understand ! ) it does suggest that this should take about two days from start to finish !. We are now on day four and there is no sign of it...

Alpaca Walks !

01/03/2018 18:08
We have been busy over the past few weeks settling into the new farm. Its been a rocky road with the heating in the house not working since we moved in !. Typically its been one of the coldest few months for quite a few years ! . The alpacas are setting in and getting used to their new fields and...

House move !

11/12/2017 01:16
The farm has now finally moved to our new home. We are now based at Clayhill Farm Wattisham. It was rather a hard job moving all the alpacas and the farm. We could not have done this without the help of some fantastic friends and family who braved the cold and chaos to get everyone settled (...

New Cria arrivals

06/08/2017 22:44
Its been a busy few months here at Hilly Ridge and we have had quite a few new arrivals and so far the girls are in the lead ! We will post a few pictures on the website shortly and with only four more to go with think its going to be a busy week.

so much has happened this summer !

02/09/2015 19:32
As you would have seen this blog is a bit out of date. We have been really busy here at the farm but this time a little bit busier than expected. On the 6th July ( my nans birthday ) Dissy arrived and sadly although all looked well at fist she deteriorated quite quickly and needed to have a plasma...

Alpaca experience days and new pending arrivals

28/04/2015 11:35
New dates have been put onto the website for adults and children's alpaca experience days. We are really excited about introducing people to these wonderful animals.   NEW ARRIVALS ( Pending) AMBER, CONNIE, ELLA , ANGELICA CRYSTAL and ALBA have been moved into the maternity paddock ready for...

Late blogger

25/02/2015 21:29
Hello everyone remember me Jo from Hilly Ridge Alpacas ? Ooophs sorry been so busy over winter I just didn't get time to update the website as much as I should. Well I have made a start and have updated some of the stud boys ( still need to add photographs) I have created a Facebook page and...

how much poop !

23/10/2014 20:59
Wow we collected a lot of poop today ! With the sun shining our friend john popped over to give a hand and off we went. The good old poop hoover doesnt really like the wet and the poop just clogged the machine so when the sun is shinning and the poop is dry then its a goo day to collect. Quite a...

halter training roulette

14/10/2014 19:08
The sun decided to shine today and that was perfect as our friend Viv popped over to get a bit of 'hands on' experience with some Alpacas. Viv has just purchased her first Suri herd and is commig over to Hilly Ridge to get some Alpaca practice for her new arrivals ! . " What would you like to do...
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