An alpaca can cost anything from a few hundred pounds to £50,000 (or even more for a very top quality animal). At Hilly Ridge alpacas prices for non breeding males start at around £250. Pregnant female alpacas are usually priced from £1,000. The price of the female will depend on many factors including her age, her fibre quality, her colour, her current pregnancy status and the sire to whom she is mated. We try to be realistic when setting our prices and we are very happy to talk honestly and openly about pricing. We really do try to tailor the package to suit your budget and with what you want to achieve. We can mix and match the advertised packages and include some of the Alpacas not currently shown for sale if required. Our aim is to try to get you what you want and if that means helping you find your Alpaca elsewhere through our contacts we would rather do that so that everyone especially the Alpaca is happy in their new home.

Our Advice cost nothing and we are more than happy to have a chat with you.

We also remember how hard it was to start a herd and will have a chat about various options to get you started. Please feel free to call us.

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