Alpaca POOP !

ALPACA POOP has become very popular this year after people using it saw fantasic results with their veggies and flowers. It has been selling as fast as we can bag it up and put it out the front for sale. We have started to take orders for poop and bag it and leave it out the front with your name attached ready for collection.

To avoid disappointment please feel free to give us a call to place your oder and we will give you a call a or text when it is ready ! 




Jo & Scott


Alpaca Poo also know as ALPACA GOLD and GREEN BEANS !


Alpaca Manure consists of small oval droppings resembling beans and are known as " Green Beans" within the Alpaca breeding industry. With three stomachs to process food the alpaca diet of grass hay, vitamins, minerals and fresh water moves efficiently through from product to poop.

We can supply this fresh off the field in Bean format or we have a poop collector which mulches the beans into a compost both can be applied directly to the soil and dug in straight away.

Green Beans can be supplied by the sack for £1. We can arrange larger amounts of a tonne. Please call us for a quote.

We have an honesty tin by the gate and bags of the manure please help yourself. It does sell quite quickley and we are happy to reserve you some sacks to save a wasted trip.  Please give us a call and we will put some by for you.


We have heard some excellent feedback from people who used it last year and have even had some happy customers bring us some lovely vegtables and fruit to show us how well it has grown. All comments have been postive and we have even used some customers to test some future PACCA POOP PRODUCT for us ! Alpaca Tea bags are still under developement for house plants Watch this space!


We also sell mulched Pony poop from our two resident horses. The same price as the paccas poop to give you the choice !