Alpaca livery        

Would you like to keep alpacas but do not have the space or time that you would like /need ?.

The answer may be to keep them here at Hilly Ridge Alpacas.

Agistment is where, for a small fee, we keep your animals with our own herd and look after them for you. You get to visit the animals and make all the big decisions relating to your alpacas. Effectively you run your own small herd within ours.

Agistment is a very effective way of getting started for those without immediate access to land of their own.

Agistment is a very cost efficient way of investing in this emergent industry. A way of reaping the benefits of your investment without the day to day commitment of looking after your animals.

Agistment is ideal for those who would like to invest in one starter animal. Kept within a herd one animal will not be stressed by isolation.

Agistment is ideal for people building up a herd of their own for a future commitment or merely dabbling in a lucrative investment opportunity.

Agistment provides a way of boarding your herd whilst working abroad or fulfilling other commitments.

Whatever your reasons, whilst resident at Hilly Ridge alpacas, your animals will be treated like our own!

So how does it work ?

1. Give us a call to discuss your requirements and what kind of alpaca you are looking for and what you want to achieve with your alpaca ( this is done over a cup of tea! )

2. Choose your alpaca

3. Agree with us an agisitment contract ( it simply tells you what you can expect from us and us of you )

4. Agisitment is £8 per week in the summer and £10 in the winter

5. Enjoy your alpaca

Your first steps to owning an alpaca !.

As an owner at Hilly Ridge Alpacas you qualify for a discount on products,stud fees and courses and of course get to come along to shows as well if you want too !.

When buying alpacas we are very happy to offer you finance dependant on your individual requirements and to suit all budgets. All of which would be discussed in the strictest confidence before the sale of our alpacas.